The Mirror feature can mirror the intensity distribution along a selected hemisphere in IES or Eulumdat luminaire data file.

The Mirror feature is not available in the free version.

How to use

To use the Mirror feature, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Select your IES or Eulumdat file from the loaded files you want to mirror.
  2. The Mirror function is available in TOOLS menu.
  3. Select the hemisphere based on which you want to mirror the intensity distribution (see Note 1).
  4. Click on the Mirror button (see Note 2).
  5. The mirrored intensity distribution will be saved into the loaded file.

NOTE 1: The available mirror options are shown below in the Properties section of this document.

NOTE 2: The mirror feature does not eliminate the original intensity distribution in the hemisphere from which the mirroring occurred. For the elimination of these values, use the Elimination tool.


The Mirror feature can mirror your intensity distribution along the below-mentioned hemispheres:

  • Down hemisphere into the upper hemisphere
  • Upper hemisphere into the down hemisphere
  • C0-C180 hemisphere into C180-C360 hemisphere
  • C90-C270 hemisphere into C270-C90 hemisphere
  • C180-C360 hemisphere into C0-C180 hemisphere
  • C270-C90 hemisphere into C90-C270 hemisphere