Keywords manager

The keywords managar is available just if you use IESNA LM-63 file. In that case you use Eulumdat file Keywords manager is hidden. For Eulumdat file you can use the Luminaire informations manager. More information is available if you click here.

The Keywords manager contains two columns.

In the first column you will find the standard and pre-defined keywords. The table can be expanded with additional elements in the View -> Properties menu.

The second column contains the current keywords in your open IESNA LM-63 file.
You can move the keywords between the tables with the "->" and "<-" buttons.


Use the buttons next to the file keywords table to edit each keyword. After selecting a keyword, you can move it up and down or delete it.

Move up: moves the keyword up in the keyword list.
Move down: moves the keyword down in the keyword list.
Add: Add a new keyword to the keyword list.
Delete: deletes the selected keyword from the keyword list.

You can change the name of a particular keyword and its value by double-clicking on that cell. The application automatically converts the keyword name to the format specified in the standard. For example: Requested by -> [REQUESTED_BY].

You can save the changes to the file by clicking the Save button, the success of which is indicated by the information panel.