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What's Meduza?

It's very simple. Meduza is a professional lighting toolset for LDT (Eulumdat) and IES luminaire data file.

Meduza is a professional toolset especially designed for lighting engineers, lighting manufacturers to read, view, edit and evaluate their luminaire's LDT and IES files. Meduza helps them to modify parameters such as luminaire dimensions, keywords, lamp numbers, and distribution symmetry. The files can be saved into their original file format or converted to another.






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Why Meduza?

As more than a simple LDT and IES editor.

Luminaires management

Keywords. Luminaire informations. Lamps.

Manage your LDT or IES files without having to know more about the structure of these files. Edit the keywords in the IES files easily or use IES standard keywords with drag-and-drop. Edit the luminaire descriptions in your LDT files. Add more lamps to your luminaire data files or manage the distribution symmetry.

Evaluation according to standards

Diagrams. Datatables. Distributions.

Determine the Unified Glare Index, BUG rating of your luminaires, or classify your luminaires according to other standards. Compare your Eulumdat and IES luminaire files and analyze them with statistics. Or simply view intensity distribution in a 2D polar chart or a 3D polar plot.

3D polar plot and BUG rating

Intensity distribution editing

Scaling. Rotating. Mirroring.

Edit the LDT and IES luminaire data files using mathematical methods. Rotate the luminaire around its axis. Mirror the distribution from bottom to top, from one half-plane to the other. Eliminate luminous intensity values or scale them.