The complete solution for photometric intensity distribution files.

Open, view, edit and evaluate photometric intensity distribution files easily according to standards and your needs.

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Meduza Photometric Toolset provides a comprehensive photometric solution for editing and evaluating different light intensity distribution files.

  • Popular file formats

    Manage IESNA LM-63 (IES) and EULUMDAT (LDT) files with a single application. Convert, edit and evaluate them according to standard of the file format.

  • With various evaluation

    Meduza Photometric Toolset is packed with loads of great features to meet your lighting evaluation needs of lamps, indoor or roadway luminaires, or even a floodlight luminaire.

  • And continuous development.

    An app is never ready. Thanks to daily use and development, continuously adding new features making the work even easier.

Why Meduza Photometric Toolset

Do more with the useful functions.


Convert your intensity distribution files from one format to another. Then configure it further according to the file format requirements easily.


Compare the different intensity distribution files. Use our the statistical tools, then export the result in your favorite program.


With our built-in managers, you can easily change and customize the dimensions of luminaires, the keywords of the IES and LDT file.


With the unique calculators like Cone Lumen Calculator and the Zonal Lumen Calculator which are built-in you can calculate the luminous flux in different zones.


Design your diagrams unique. Change the font of the labels, color of the lines, background of the diagrams.


Export everything you need - be it a chart, a datatable, etc. Save it to the required file format, be it jpg, csv, or txt.

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